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Nautical Nantucket

Nantucket Items

George Grant Nantucket Painted Plaque

Six Easton Nantucket Coin Silver Teaspoons

15002 Nantucket Sterling Silver Spoon by Kelley

Nantucket Old Mill Silver Souvenir Spoon

14544 Nantucket Whale Whirligig by Lincoln Ceely
14557 Spermaceti Candles from Nantucket
14545a Sailor Boy Whirligig by Lincoln Ceely

14546 Nantucket Sailor Boy Whirligig by Ceely

14415  "Nantucket Memories" by Alexander Seaverns

14489  George Grant Whaleboard
14484  Whale Mobile by William Chamberlain of Nantucket
14459,1   Nantucket in Print
14460 First Edition Obed  Macy  <u>History of Nantucket</u>
2637 Watercolor of Sankaty Light, Nantucket by J.B. Reid
2639  John Austin Admiralty Club Madaket
14388a Hit or Miss Weaving by James Walter Folger
Price: $14,000.00
Sale price: $12,500.00

14361 Elaborate Souvenir Teaspoon
2532 "Off Sankaty" by James Walter Folger
2502 Nantucket Mourning Picture
14280 Water Color by Bartholomew
14286 Nantucket Sailor Boy Whirligig
14238 Aletha Macy Carved Duck
14220 Nantucket Portrait Oliver Coffin
14226 Tony Sarg Pacific Club
14177 Wendell Macy  "'Sconset Boathouse"
2369 Painting by C. Robert Perrin
14155 Scarce Print, Town of Sherburne, Nanucket
13988a  Pair of Edgar Jenney Nantucket Scenes
Price: $1,475.00
Sale price: $1,150.00

Lancaster, Far-Out Island Railroad
14020 Carved Plaque by James Walter Folger, Nantucket
14020 Carved Plaque by James Walter Folger

13988 Framed pair of prints, "The Ship Owner" and "Ship Owner's Lady" by Edgar Jenney, Nantucket
Price: $675.00
Sale price: $550.00

13029 Folger Toy Cart

Nantucket Baskets
Nantucket Island Maps
14305 Rare Nantucket Fire Bucket