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Nautical Nantucket

Harpoons and Other Whalecraft

15007 Rare Antique Whaling Lance on Original Pole
Rare Harpoon for R. Brown Whaling Shoulder Gun
2731Toggle Iron By JC Burbank
14554 Azorean Whaling Harpoon
14365,5 Nantucket Whaling Spade
14536,6 Rare Whaling Head Spade
Double Flue Harpoon from Sag Harbor
2698  Signed MACY Toggle Iron
2697 Double Flue Whaling Harpoon
2696 Double Flue Whaling Harpoon
2675 Rare Humpback Iron by Macy
14497 Double Flue Whaling Harpoon
14495 Cunningham and Cogan Whaling Gun
14495, Whaling Gouge Spade
14485,2 Whaling Spade by Snow and Purrington
14494,b Cunningham and Cogan Bomb Lance
14485 Temple Type Whaling Harpoon
14779,a Signed Parker Nantucket Single Flue Harpoon
14478  Temple Iron by Sawyer
2626  Mincing Knife
2627 R. Brown Whaling Bomb Lance
2629 Explosive Whaling Harpoon
Whaling Guns
2601 Dean and Driggs Whaling Spade with Ship Mark
2599 Azorean Toggle Type Whaling Iron
14391,a  Whaling Spade by Rare Maker
2593 Mounted Toggle Iron with Sheath

14336 Rare Antique Tryworks Bailer
14342 Rare "Lily Iron"
14310 Durfee Double Flue Iron
14219 Antique Grommet Iron
2164 Whaling Harpoon with Sheath
14088 Darting Gun with Harpoon
2615 Pierce Darting Gun