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Scrimshaw Swift from Flayderman Collection

Product Description

2652 Scrimshaw Swift From Flayderman Collection
2652 This very desirable antique scrimshaw swift or yarn winder is made of whale bone, whale ivory and wood. There are 24 double whalebone arms radiating out from whale ivory cage collars at the top and bottom. There is a carved whale ivory cup on a turned column set on the top. A turned ivory section with a heart shaped thumbscrew rides on the whalebone shaft below the bottom cage collar which allows the swift to be set in an open position. Another turned ivory section connects the swift to its original wooden base. The base is two tiered, with the top tier carved in a pinwheel style, and both levels are banded in whalebone. Between the two levels are six whale ivory spools on ivory rods with acorn finials. This is the very same swift that is illustrated on page 233 in Flayderman, Norman; Scrimshaw and Scrimshanders. The pin cushion at the top has been replaced, yarn has been added to the spools, and the swift has been retied. There is some chipping to the rim of the cup and the ivory bands surrounding the base. Two ribs have breaks which can be restored. Approx. 16 1/2 in. tall, minus the pincushion. 19th C.

2652 Scrimshaw Swift From Flayderman Collection
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