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Nautical Nantucket

2554 Accounts for Whaling Bark Roscoe

Product Description

This small booklet contains an accounting of oil in gallons and numbers of casks sold to many different individuals. Some of the names are William Knight, Alex H. Seaburg, Bates and Harkins, IG (?) Kidder, Peckham & Clarke, Mark B. Palmer, Capt. Browne, Chas. W. Morgan. It also lists 7 casks "Taken for use of the Bark Roscoe"; as well as 63 casks of Sperm Oil "Stored by Thomas Hathaway" with gauging and broken into account of "Body" (no doubt Sperm) and "Head" dated July 22, 1839. There are 2 pages listing casks of sperm oil with gauging quantities and differences from when full (losses in quantity) in November 1839. In Dec. 1839 there is an accounting of Sperm Oil sold to "Prince Benjamin Gardner of Nantucket" and 9 other individuals - some being names previously listed. There are 3 pages entitled "Provisions & Stores put on board Bark Roscoe's 4th voyage". The last 4 pages contain accounting with about 12 crewmen's (?) money & interest loans owed to ship and/or owners.

3-3/4 in. x 6-1/4 in. No covers, some water staining. 27 pages of entries written in ink except for 3 which are in pencil, and a number of blank pages.

The whaling bark Roscoe had a long career in the whaling industry, beginning in 1833. She sailed on her 4th voyage, to which this ledger relates, on Sept. 6, 1839 to the Indian Ocean, under command of George H. Clarke, with Jonathan Bourne, Jr. as agent or owner, and returned on March 28, 1842. Her final voyage commenced on November 1, 1870 and she was crushed in the Arctic ice on Aug. 19, 1872.

2554 Accounts for Whaling Bark Roscoe
Item# 2554

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