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Nautical Nantucket

2164 Whaling Harpoon with Sheath

Product Description

This is an acute-barbed improved toggle iron with fine wooden, canvas covered sheath. About 1/2 of the original marlin serving remains on the socket. One side of the head is stamped LB for the 2nd or Larboard Boat and the other side is stamped with the vessel's mark, AEW ( for the schooner A. E. WHYLAND of Providence RI or New Bedford.) That vessel made 1 voyage in 1902 from Providence, 2 in 1910 from New Bedford, 1 in 1912 from New Bedford, and the last in 1915 from New Bedford. 32 in. long. SORRY, SOLD
2164 Whaling Harpoon with Sheath
Item# 2164

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