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2043 Log of New Bedford Whaling Ship Winslow, 1830-31

Product Description

Log book of the Whaling Ship Winslow. A partial log of the New Bedford Whaling Ship Winslow, Edward G. Coffin, Master, with entries commencing Sept. 28th, 1830 to September 6th, 1831, but missing April 28th to August 3rd, 1831. Clearly written with a number of whale stamps indicating whales taken. 28 pages.

Accompanying the log are letters about it, written in 1939, to and from various important individuals involved in maritime history (Howard Chappelle, William Tripp, etc.) from Dr. William Menninger of the famous Menninger Clinic in which he seeks information regarding the ship. A typewritten transcript is included together with lists of whales killed, ships spoken, lands sighted, and information regarding the crew. The entire package is enclosed in a custom made box.

The whaling ship Winslow was built at Duxbury, Ma. in 1801. She sailed for this voyage on Sept. 2, 1830 and returned on Aug. 27, 1833. She made 22 whaling voyages from 1802 to 1858.

2043 Log Book of Whaling Ship Winslow
Item# 2043

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