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Nautical Nantucket
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14475  Scrimshaw Tooth by Frederick W. Myrick14475  Scrimshaw Tooth by Frederick W. Myrick

Antique Scrimshaw Tooth by Nantucket Maker

Product Description

14475 Apart from the famous Edward Burdett and Frederick  Myrick of "Susan's Teeth" fame, there is very little scrimshaw which can be ascribed to Nantucket makers.   Based on research by Dr. Stuart Frank, this newly discovered tooth can reliably be attributed to Frederick W. Myrick,  born on Nantucket in 1814, and a cousin of the renowned Myrick.  FWM entered the whale fishery at the age of 17 on the Nantucket ship Mary.   His career saw him as captain of whaling and merchant vessels.  A monogram signed pair of teeth which descended in the family of  FWM's wife is in a collection in California.  (FWM died in 1854  in SanFrancisco.)  As Dr. Frank states, stylistic comparisons and the provenance of the signed pair lead to the attribution of teeth in other collections, as well as other examples which have surfaced  more recently. Ref.: Frank, Stuart M.; Dictionary of Scrimshaw Artists; Mystic Seaport Museum; 1991.

This important tooth is engraved on the obverse with a brig in full sail, and on the reverse with a very attractive full figure portrait of a young woman in fancy dress. It is 7 inches long with polychrome highlights, and has a wonderful patina.

14475 Scrimshaw Tooth by Frederick W. Myrick
Item# 14475

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