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Harpoon from the Whaling Schooner A.L. Putnam

Product Description

This obtuse headed toggle iron is marked A.L.P. and is from the whaling schooner A.L. Putnam of Providence, which made 3 short voyages from 1866-.1869. It is marked WB for the waist boat. 35 in.long, in excellent condition.

In April 1867, in the Indian Ocean, the schooner A.L. Putnam was 10 months out on her first voyage, under command by Benjamin Handy. A lookout sang out: "Woman all adrift!"  thinking there was a woman in the sea. A whaleboat was lowered and the 2nd mate was sent to rescue the lady. Upon arriving back to the schooner the mate called to Capt Handy: "We've got her! But you'd better pass me down a strap and tackle if you want to take her aboard."

The lady turned out to be a full length figurehead measuring some 8 feet from head to foot. Handy had her brought back to Provincetown and mounted where she still resides on the roof of his house that is now known as the "Figurehead House". 

14551 Harpoon from the Whaling Schooner A.L. Putnam
Item# 14551

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