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14421Walrus Ivory Inuit Carved Bear Cribbage Board

Product Description

This carved and engraved Inuit cribbage board was fashioned from a walrus tusk. At one end it is carved in the form of a bearís head with removable tongue, revealing a space for storage of game pegs. Surmounted on the top amidst and behind the carved cribbage board are a carved bear and 4 fossil ivory seals (2 with damage to the heads). Engraved on the reverse are a seal on an ice floe and a walrus head and bear head shown in the water. A pair of carved seals serve as a stand for the piece. Mounted on each side are two sections of a number of strung small carved donut shaped circles of ivory. It is signed Leo Kunnuk. 18 1/2in. long.

14421 Eskimo Bear Cribbage Board
Item# 14421

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