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Cunningham and Cogan Darting Gun Bomb Lance

Product Description

14494,b This is a bomb lance of a design patented Dec. 28, 1875, originally for use in Patrick Cunningham's and Bernard Cogan's whaling shoulder gun of the 1870s.  It was made for the unusual gun bore size of 1" (in lieu of the typical 7/8").  This example, made also in the 1" bore, is a darting gun bomb lance which they made for Cunningham's hinged darting gun which was patented in 1882.  It is 10 3/4 in. long, made chiefly of iron and/or steel.  There is no maker's mark, as these were never engraved or stamped on.  The maker's name, description and patent date, would have been on a paper label, and is no longer present. It is in good condition. These bomb lances are very rarely seen.

14494,b Cunningham and Cogan Bomb Lance
Item# 14494b

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