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Nautical Nantucket

14317 Antique Scrimshaw Tooth Engraved in Strong Pinprick

Product Description

This charming mid 19th century scrimshaw tooth depicts a lady on the obverse attired in a full length elaborate theatrical costume. The reverse side shows a variety of potted plants resting on a multi-tiered Victorian plant stand. The anonymous scrimshander chose these very intricate subjects to illustrate his skill using the pinprick technique of engraving to the extreme. The tooth measures 6 1/4in. x 2 3/4 in. with a light mellow patina. Some slight chipping to the cut base and two small hairline cracks running from the base up about one inch.     SORRY, SOLD

14317 Antique Scrimshaw Tooth with Pinprick Engraving
Item# 14317

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