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Nautical Nantucket

14367b Antique Scrimshaw Busk with Sidewheeler

Product Description

Antique scrimshaw whalebone busk, engraved on the obverse in a central panel with a scene showing a 3 masted ship flying a British flag with a pilot boat to the right, and a row boat with 5 men to the left, with a volcano in the background. A right hand panel shows a domed building with trees on each side of it and in a left hand panel there is a church and a tree. Decorative columns flank either side of the central panel. On the reverse is a sidewheeler named DART flying a British flag with a lighthouse to the left and to the right a pilot boat similar to the one on the reverse. Three decorative columns on each side of this scene separate it from a house on the extreme left and a British crown and heraldic emblem on the right. Deeply incised. 19th C. 16 in. long.

14367b Antiques Scrimshaw Busk, Sidewheeler DART
Item# 14367b

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