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Old Mill, Nantucket Carved Plaques by James Walter Folger

Product Description

14520 Old Mill, Nantucket Plaques by Folger
14520 This pair of carved wood panels of the Old Mill, Nantucket is by the important Nantucket artist, James Walter Folger.

The first is titled “1746 The Old Mill, Nantucket.” and is carved with the right end simulating a broken board. It is 9 1/2 in x 13 1/2 in. and bears a Folger business card on the back.

The second panel bears no title other than the date”1746”, which is the date the Old Mill was built. The carving occupies the left end of the board, presumably leaving the remaining space for a custom inscription or image. 9 in. x 14 1/4 in. A facsimile of Folger’s card is affixed to the back.

Both plaques are in excellent condition.

James Walter Folger (1851 - 1918), was an extremely skillful painter and wood carver. While he created different versions of various themes including “The Old Mill’, this pair may be unique, as we know of no other similar renditions of the subject.

For a discussion of this important Nantucket artist, see: Picturing Nantucket;  Edited by Michaael Jehle;  Nantucket Historical Association;  2000
14520 Old Mill, Nantucket Plaques by Folger
Item# 14520