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Toggle Harpoon From New Bedford Whaleship Horatio

Product Description

14493 This is a very good acute barbed, improved style toggle iron from the New Bedford whale ship Horatio. †On one side of the head it is chisel marked LB for the second whaleboat, or LARBOARD BOAT. †On the opposite side of the head about 3/4" forward of the rear barb, is the name of the vessel SHIP HOR and 4 dots to represent the letters ATIO, ending just before the sharpened cutting edge of the harpoon's business end. The makerís mark has been virtually obliterated, but in certain lights, near the lower edge forward of the swivel pin on the LB side, traces of MACY for the New Bedford blacksmiths, E.B & F, seem to appear. Good condition with light pitting. 33-5/8" long.

The HORATIO was built in Port Jefferson, LI NY, in 1877 and whaled 3 voyages as a Ship rig from 1877 until 1899, when it was re-rigged as a Bark. †The Ship rig at the late date of 1877 is extremely unusual.

Item# 14493

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