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Nautical Nantucket

13281 Early Account Book for Pilot Boat Oliver Cromwell, Holme’s Hole, Martha’s Vineyard

Product Description

This little book, with entries dated between 1813 and 1824, contains accounts for the pilot boat Oliver Cromwell of Holme’s Hole, (early name of Vineyard Haven) on Martha’s Vineyard. There is a 7-man crew list for the vessel dated Nov. 1818. They are Moses T. Cromwell, Wm Ferguson, Obed Norton, Silas Luce, Bartlet Pease, Manuel Joseph, and Clifford Dunham. There are 2 lists of expenses and a note that Elijah Hillman (not one of the crew) is to be paid 1/6 th after a 10% deduction for expenses charged the crew. There are then 8 pages of accounts for various persons up to the year 1822, including payments to Moses Cromwell from Captains Manter, Peter West, Obed Coffin, Morehouse, J. Crowell and also some payments seemingly regarding a court of law matter. Flipping the book over, there are entries from the inside back cover toward the middle. These relate to various matters, including further entries for the pilot boat, two pages regarding one Jedidiah Coffin boarding with Moses Cromwell as well as what appear to be payments for settling Coffin’s estate, and labour by Jorge Dunham for Moses Cromwell. The cover of this early little book has four amusing woodcuts and is inked “Pilot Boat Oliver Cromwell, Moses T. Cromwell his Book in the middle and “Moses T Cromwell, his Book” repeated at the bottom. On the inside front cover the initial B appears twice, as well as the name James Buche, and again Moses T Cromwell. Printed on the back cover is useful information such as the months of the year, days of the week, a multiplication table and numeration table with explanation.

A separate piece of paper notes payments to Moses Cromwell for boarding from Peter Coffin in 1821, and accounting for E. Smith with Cromwell in 1820 including meals, lodging, and sirves (sic) at Nantucket.

The book measures about 8 inches high and 6 1/2 inches wide. While some entries are difficult to read, and the condition of the document leaves a bit to be desired, it is, nevertheless, an early piece with some very interesting information and would be a nice addition to a collection of early American maritime or nautical documents.

13281Account Book, Pilot Boat Oliver Cromwell
Item# 13281

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