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Nautical Nantucket

Books, Manuscripts and Documents

 Vital Records of Nantucket
Through The Eyes of A Collector

2725 Mary Sarg Murphy; <I> The Nantucket Blue Book</i>
2724 Paul F. Whitten; <u>Nantucket Baskets</u>
14499  Catalogs of Barbara Johnson Whaling Collection
14490 Bark Gay Head Inventory
14459,1   Nantucket in Print
14460 First Edition Obed  Macy  <u>History of Nantucket</u>
14449  Murphey, Whaling Voyage on Ship Dauphin

Whaling and Scrimshaw Books
2620 Cruise of the Kearsarge
Outfitting Book for Bark Eugenia
13281Account Book,  Pilot Boat  <u>Oliver Cromwell</u>
14334 Whaling Log Bark Sappho
13823 Letter from Whale Ship <u>Norman</u> to the Gold Rush
11189,28 Whaling Agent's Letter & Whalemen's Shipping List
14364d Nantucket Seaman's Certificate of Discharge
Carpenter, <u>The Decorative Arts and Crafts of Nantucket</u>

14356b Rare Whaling Letter with Anti-Black Sentiment
11633 Six Civil War Era New Bedford Checks
11189b Bill of Sale, Brig <u>Daisy</u>
2537 Whaling Insurance <u>A.R. Tucker</u>
2361 Whalemen's Shipping Paper
11189a Sperm Oil Bill of Lading
2357 Ordering Sperm Oil
13713 Whaling Journal, Bark <u>Samuel and Thomas</u>
2356 Rare Whaling Letter
2043 Log Book of Whaling Ship Winslow
Lancaster, Architecture of Historic Nantucket
Lancaster, Far-Out Island Railroad